Sunday, January 1, 2012

Download Free Full and Complete Quran-e-Pak in Audio !

A complete and full Quran in audio form having .amr format of the audio files. This zip archive has include the 114 files. 1 file for each surah. Total size about 43 MB. This Zip archive is password protected and the password is "hhmzz". You can also save this Quran in your personal computers and also in your mobile phones that support .amr file format, and listen the Holy Quran easily everywhere you go. Download this Quran, recite the Quran, and follow the teachings of ISLAM.
(Talib e Dua : Zaid)
Quran-e-Pak in Audio AMR Format / 43MB

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  1. Downloading of Audio version of Quran is an awesome option if you travel by your car every day and you can listen Quran while driving.

    Download Audio Quran


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